I did it.


Well, it won’t seem very monumental to most. It won’t be on tonight’s news, or make headlines around the world. But for me, deactivating my Facebook account is a big deal. I don’t have anything against Facebook itself, quite the fecking contrary. I love going on there and seeing what people are up to. A few years ago, when I first started using its website, I thought it was the shizness, being able to keep in contact with people I hadn’t seen for years. But now, with the advent of smartphones and easier access to technology, I gotta admit, I check facebook more than I pick my nose (and I do the latter with more regularity than is readily admitable in public). So instead of enhancing my life, it’s impeding it. It means I get feck all done and that’s bollocks, cos how much time do we have after all? So for one year, I’m fucking off Facebook. I want to see if I can do all the things I wanna do, say I’m gonna do, but never actually do because I’m too fecking busy. I deactivated my account 16 minutes ago…time to put my money where my mouth is. Now that’s done, I’m off to pick my nose.

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