Day one


Alrighty then. Well I made it. Today was the first time in a feck of a long time that the first thing I DIDN’T do, when I crawled out of bed, was check FB. My logic for this has always been, to check-in on what my family and friends were doing, half a world away. I gotta say, my day went way more smoothly. One thing I noticed, by not checking in on the FB world, is that I didn’t carry any ‘Facebook weight’ in my head. Do you know what I’m talking about? You click on FB, to see what your friends are doing, then you see a status, or a comment, that annoys the fuck out of you. Suddenly that thought occupies prime-time real-estate in your head and it bugs you. Today, I had none of that. I gotta be honest though, on day one, I still have no idea of where this personal quest of mine, this YIFOF is going to lead. All I can say is (insert phoney spiritual voice here,) I know it’s my path and I know its the right thing to to.

I just recently read a really cool self-help book…don’t groan, hear me out. It’s called “You are a Badass” by Jen Sincero. I’ve read a few self help books in my time. While some are half-assed hokery, this is the real deal and Sincero writes in such a way that you’re guffawing out loud, nodding your head in agreement and wishing you could buy her coffee. Oh, and she drops the F-bomb plenty, which in my book makes her a stand-up dame. Plus she tell you you can achieve anything, that you are a badass. After finishing day one, I gotta tell you, I feel that it’s true.

2 thoughts on “Day one

  1. 'Berta'

    You are, indeed, a badass, Nic! Long gone are our days of Sweet Valley High…ouch…and those pony books about stable girls. The things we used too fill our heads with! Nonetheless, ’twas you got me reading, much to the delight of Mum and the librarian auntie M. So I’ll be sure to check Sincero out. Thanks.

    • Oh my gosh…that takes me back. Sweet Valley Shite…how I loved those two twins, my eleven year old self was riveted! But I think as log as kids are reading and engaged and using their imagination, it’s whatever turns their crank. These days the selection is far more plentiful at the libraries for both girls and boys, I often end up in the teen section still, but now there isn’t a whiff of sugary sweet Cali-blondness in sight!

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