Day three


Yo yo yo.
Well it’s still early days for me and this whole blog shizness. I still haven’t figured out how to properly navigate this blogosphere, and it is still the beginning of my YIFOF journey, but on my third day of abstaining from social media I gotta say, I’m feeling pretty damn smug. And what I’ve noticed, is that the Facebook Fog is lifting. Instead of checking FB constantly, with all the regularity of someone with a nervous tick, instead I’ve been getting shit done. Which, for me is no mean feat, cos if there is one thing I do well, its procrastination. For example, today instead of mindless surfing the net, I cleaned the fuck out of my office. Let me explain. My office is a scarey place. Piled high with books and dust (there are no dust bunnies, instead I’ve got dust sasquatches, the fuckers are so huge) it’s not exactly conducive to work. So today, the Sasquatches got decimated and books were returned to shelves. In doing so I noticed a couple of things. Man, I’ve got a fuck of a lot of books and two, I’ve got a TON of books that are cool. Not only are my shelves stacked with mighty literature that is worthy of sinking my teeth into, but I also have a shitload of books that are brimming with life enhancing skills. Guitar books (for the guitar I still have yet to play),super cool books on writing books…for that novel that still eludes me, crochet, painting, learning to use my camera…I could go on, but I think you get the picture. And you know what, it’s pretty fucking exciting! If I take all the time that I fritter and put it to good use, who knows where it will lead.
Above is a cool link to a fun graphic. Check ‘er out.

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