Christmas Eve Musings


Well fuck me sideways with a sprig of tinsel. Not really, but I got your attention! Haven’t been able to write a single blog post in two weeks, which I’m fairly sure is a heinous crime in the blog world, but all this Christmas malarkey has been so flipping busy, I ain’t had a chance to do ‘f’ all else. But Christmas Eve is here and finally all the shit that has to get done at this time of year is checked off my list. We even managed to bake fresh cookies from scratch for the chubby dude in red. I’m sure Martha Stewart is shitting herself in case I swipe her domestic crown. As for my Yifof, it is going splendidly. I haven’t missed Facebook one iota, although a few of my pals have been lamenting my absence, but I will remain steadfast. The object of this blog and this challenge that I’ve set myself is to do more with my life and to have more authentic communication with my friends that extends beyond the “like” button.
 So two challenges that I am setting myself on this quest are as below.

1. Have contact with as many of my Facebook friends in the next year as possible, via letter, telephone, in person or video chat. I’ve got 220 friends, some of whom I haven’t actually spoken to since grade school. I’ll keep you posted.

2. Write thank you letters…actually 365 of the suckers, one for every day of 2014. All too often in our busy technology driven lives we forget gratitude and the humble thank you card has been shunned in favour of a text, tweet or whatever. So I’m bringing it back!!

So that’s my Christmas eve musings…can’t wait till I hear the jolly ole fella sneak down the chimney…Merry Christmas!!!!

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