White rabbits white rabbits white rabbits. Holy fuck, how did February get here. I feel ashamed. Christmas is now but a distant memory, although my weeping bank balance begs to differ otherwise. I feel like I have been ignoring a close friend by not updating this blog, but the truth is I have been busy and no I haven’t been on Facebook. Alright. You got me. That was a lie. Actually I am on Facebook again, but only to update my status to put a call out to have meaningful contact with my friends…don’t worry the irony of the last sentence is not lost on me.
 I gotta tell you, so far it’s been going fucking well. I’ve even got one Facebook friend living with me right now. I kid you not. A 22 year-old musician, embarking on her first solo travel experience around the world (God…I am such a boho Mum now, right!?). But honestly, I am touched at the amount of people who have reached out to have more meaningful communication, beyond commenting on a navel-gazing status update. For that reason alone, I  am glad I’ve embarked on this project. But it still leaves me with a dilemma. I’m not comfortable with blogging yet. I feel like a teenager writing a diary, who then has to read it aloud in assembly, to the whole school…naked. That’s how exposed I feel, which is laughable really, cos I’ve told about six people this blog exists so far. So February’s challenge, or one of them is to get better at this blogging malarkey. I will be writing something everyday and we will see how much futrher along I am by then. All six of you stay tuned.

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