Day three of February


Dammit. So there I was, snuggled up on my couch after a long Monday and then ping! My brain revs into overdrive

“Your blog!”

“Fuck off”

“No really, go write”

“No really, fuck off” etc. etc.

Bloody catholic guilt. Lasts a lifetime. So here I am, half awake and fully tired with nothing much to report, but I have to write something. I can tell you I had a productive day researching for this blog and doing other real world stuff. For example I’m taking two classes on a fucking brilliant  online university that offers courses, to anybody… for FREE. That’s right,  absolutely free. Nada. Zero dollars, zilch pence, etc. What a score and it’s wicked. Go check it out. Give your brain a treat. So there, little nagging brain of mine….am I off the hook?

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