February day five


Booyah biatches!  I hope you’re feeling as exuberant as me.
Ain’t that one fine fucking word? Exuberant. Go on, try it out. Say it out loud. See if you can rev up the ‘rrrr’ at the end. I heard that word this morning, on a field trip that I took with my eight-year-old to a drama class. Do you know what is fabulous about a group of eight-year-olds in a drama class? Everything! Why? Because when they are given the chance to use their imagination, they do it with such gusto that it’s a delight to watch. What happens to us as adults? When do we lose that spark? Does it leak slowly, over time, like a helium balloon? Or do the imagination zombies come around one night, and suck it from our brains? Who knows. But it sure would be a much funner world if those zombies would lay off. (And I know ‘funner’ isn’t a word. But if I were eight, it would be).
I am also exuberant because I just made a kick-arse sandwich. Don’t you just love sandwiches? I fucking do. Coupled with a good cup of tea, or a strong coffee, those bastards could take on the universe. I bet we would have world peace by now, if only we served the right fucking sandwiches at the peace talks. Alright, so I might be exaggerating a little…but I DID just come back from a drama class. But the point is, it was one healthy, delicious, mo-fo sandwich. None of that shiny hospital white bread. Not a smidge of marg, nor a hint of processed meat, so full of chemicals and drugs, that we could cut it into little stamp size pieces and call it LSD… Cos processed meat ain’t nothing but a bad trip. Oh no…don’t go! I was only messing about. I’m not getting all hoity toity about food…Not for now, anyway. So I’ll leave you with one little fact about sandwiches, that I just googled. (I have the time to fill my brain with trivia these days, since I’m not wasting it creeping on Facebook, who incidently, I forgot to wish a happy tenth birthday to yesterday…Sorry Goliath, happy birthday! All the best, from your pal, David).                                                                                                                                        

Once again, I digress…where was I? Ahh yes, the origin of sandwiches. Sandwiches are allegedly named after some geezer, The Earl of Sandwich, who, in 1762, (or thereabouts), was in the middle of a gambling game, which he didn’t want to leave, so he asked some poor fucker to bring him “Some meat between two pieces of bread.” Some other people caught on to that, and copied him, saying, “I’ll have what Sandwich is having” and so thus, the humble sandwich was born. And you thought the line, “I’ll have what s/he’s having” first happened in “When Harry met Sally.” Nuh-uh. You heard it here first. We Yifof’s have our finger’s on the pulse.

Above is a link to the clip from the infamous movie scene, featuring Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal. Who also happen to be eating sandwiches. And Meg Ryan is very exuberant…You’re welcome.



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