February day four


In-your-face day four!
I am feeling beyond smug this morning, because instead of procrastinating the day away, (as is my special talent in life), this morning I am getting shit done.  #No messing around. #Proactive in da house. #Alacrity is the way forward. Alright, I have a hashtag thing going on. I know. Don’t worry, it’s not contagious. I don’t actually like them, I just find them funny and a little off putting. Of course, I’m not doing a very good job of being witty ( I am writing early today, what more do you want, ffs), but why should I even attempt to be witty about the whole hashtag debacle, when Jimmy and Justin do such a stellar job of it:

Watch it. Its fucking funny. I realize I swear a lot. Sorry about that, if you’re new around here. One of my friends who swears even more than me, remarked how I swear too much on my blog. So if it offends you, don’t let it.  The ‘f’ word is much misjudged. Poor little fucker.
 Anyway I digress. Today is turning out to be a remarkable day and I haven’t even done much yet. Except shepherd three boisterous kids off to school and then walk my dogs. But herein lies my point. Walking. A much underrated activity. The best thing about walking is that it gets you out of the house, away from a computer screen and makes you actually talk to the people that you meet (especially if you are a chatty bastard like me).

I am a firm believer in happenstance, serendipity, fate, or whatever you call it. On my walk with my two dogs (Scrumptious and Sunshine, if you were wondering) I bumped into a lady I know, who I know nothing about, except that she is a writer too.

So I asked if she is working on anything exciting at the moment and she said she is currently working on a book about doing a digital cleanse, a.k.a removing yourself from social media!

I was like hazzuah! That’s me!! I’m doing that! Although I didn’t know it had its own fancy little title: digital cleanse. I told her about you, my blog and she smiled politely, which of course was very nice. Then we talked about something much sadder. Her mum just passed away. She said though it was heartbreaking, it was something they had been preparing for. For the last few months her family has spent time together, making the most of each others company, despite the circumstances. It was  lovely to talk to her and it was one of those chats that made me feel invigorated by human contact and validated my attempt to eek out as much fun as I can from life.

Finally (Yes I have a lot to say for myself this morning, walking does that) I am doing good, (well OK, not bad) on dishing out the old thank you cards. I gave out two yesterday and I have to say the smile of surprise on the people’s faces was lovely. What a trip. So today I’m racking my brains about who to send a card to, and I realize that who I want to thank are the birds from my walk. Because wandering through the forest, listening to the river rush by, with the sound of birds chirping away sweetly, is one damn fine way to start the morning. Obviously, sending the feathered posse a thank you card is a waste of time. But it’s brass monkey freezing outside today. The ground is frozen and as pretty as the local mountains look dusted in snow, it means the local wildlife must be struggling to find breakfast. So, no card will be sent, but surely, a big helping of bird seed will be thanks enough.




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