February Day 12


Whoop whoop!Today is a happy bunny day for this Yifof Queen. Why is that, I hear you ask? Well I’ll tell ya. Today 38 people decided to swing by this humble little blog and give it a looksie. Thanks people, whoever you are. I hope you know this blog is still in it’s infancy. It’s the new kid on the block and still has a LONG way to go. So please come back, because with a bit of luck, I’m only going to get better at this blogging shizness. I’m also chuffed beyond words, because today, I also got a reply to one of my letters. ( I’m talking about my Yifof challenge to have more ‘real contact’ with my facebook friends. This involves me seeing them in person, telephoning, video chatting, or writing them a letter). Anyway, the reply was from my wonderful friend, Lyndsey, who lives in England (you know that Island in Europe, currently at the epicentre of all those nasty storms). Well, Lyndsey and I are facebook friends these days. But back in the day when we first knew each other, we were flatmates, living together on Bondi beach, Australia. That was one of the most fabulous times of our lives. We lived and worked in Bondi – and we played there even harder. Bloody hell it was fun. So when Lyndsey kindly answered my request and asked for a letter, I wrote back gladly. And today she left such a lovely reply on here, that I’m gonna share it with you now:

“OMG I’ve just received my letter…. Come home after a grueller of a day to find a special letter off one of my favourite people. It wasn’t a bill, it wasn’t a flyer, it wasn’t for someone else. It was a letter for me that took me back to my 12 carefree months in Bondi…thanks for making my day.”

Now wasn’t that just splendid?! I have to say I was on a little high after reading her comment. Imagining Lyndsey, receiving her letter, sure did put a huge smile on my dial. By the time ‘himself’ came home from a hard day at the office, I was like a giddy school girl. I was hopping around the living room, bragging about Yifof’s small accomplishments. Even though Yifof is just in its early days, I feel like I’ve already done so much. As well as making better use of my time generally, I feel much more connected to people. That was my biggest fear in forgoing facebook. That I would feel cut-off, left out, not part of my friends lives. But the truth is, I have spoken to and heard from many more of my facebook friends since I started Yifof. So much more than I ever did whilst  frittering away time on facebook. I’m euphoric…or should that be Yifoforic?  I can’t wait to see what the next 11 months brings!!


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