February Day 15


Well hello Saturday….where have you been all week?I love Saturdays. Mostly because my life follows a tradtional week, so that no matter what fun you have on a Saturday, there is always lovely, lazy Sunday waiting around the corner, allowing you a day to recuperate. Today was one of those busy days that means tomorrow might require plenty of horizontal lounging on the couch. But it was a blast for me and my suburban clan. Let me explain. We live close to the mountains. Mountains = snow and today we went tubing. For the uninitiated among you, tubing is just as it sounds. You get a big giant tube (think of a big car tyre, only inflatable), and you climb a whopping, big snow hill. Then you clamber into your tube and wheeee! You slide down the hill at breakneck speed, giggling like a school kid, a faceful of glee and terror. Then repeat. Then repeat again, until your cheeks have a rosy snow-glow and your thighs are on fire. The best thing about the whole tubing malarkey is that you can slide down the hill, with other people, at the same time. I gotta tell you, sliding with nine kids and adults, yodeling at the top of their voices, is a trip and a half. Getting to be a kid, even for a morning, is a riot. Us adults should step out of our stuffy selves more often. In fact, my favourite author as a kid, Roald Dahl, has a great quote about grown ups and how they should lighten up: “When you grow up and have children of your own, do please remember something important: A stodgy parent is no fun at all!  What a child wants – and deserves – is a parent who is SPARKY!”

I love Roald Dahl. Without a shadow of a doubt, he was instrumental in fostering my love of reading. When I was a kid, his books were like magic to me. They were so cheeky and full of fun, that I read and re-read his books until they were tattered and I could recite them by heart. It would be hard to choose just one as an all-time fav, but I reckon ‘The Twits’ and ‘George’s Marvellous Medicine” resonated with me the most. They still do. My kids have all his books now, the lucky ducks. They’ve got the whole collection, in a fancy box-set, whereas when I was a child, Dahl was alive, still at his writing peak, so I had to wait ( very impatiently) for each new book to be written. Nowadays the variety of kids books is so much more exciting than the choices of 30 odd years ago. There’s a plethora of books out there to appeal to kids silly side. Books that have them roaring with laughter. Books so compelling, that they sneak them under the covers, to read at bedtime. Still, if they sneak the book under the covers on a Saturday, who cares? Lovely, lazy Sunday is just around the corner.

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