February Day 23


Awww shucks. This is my last post. Dagnabbit.
“Why are you quitting so soon?” (Ask my three readers in dismay) “Why are you bailing on the blogosphere?”
Well, dear readers, I have no choice. Didn’t the you get the Norse memo? Apparently (according to Viking legend), today is the end of the world. That’s right. The globe is gonna split in two at some stage today and all the meanies that have been living in the middle of the world are gonna come tumbling out and sort us out. It will also be the start of three years of winter, so you might want to think about finishing off that scarf you’ve been knitting for the past few years (Or is that just me). The upside to this whole viking prophesy, is that Gods like Thor will come to our aid and sort it out. So if they look anything like their movie counterparts, that might not be so bad.
In other news. Good stuff is happening! Like this little girl scout selling cookies outside a cannabis clinic, doing a roaring trade:
117 boxes of cookies sold in just two hours! If that ain’t marvellous, what is. Entrepreneurial spirit at its finest.

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