February Day 24


Do you clutter, or are you a cleaner? That is the question.
Me, I cannot tell a lie. I’m a horrific hoarder. Not a real hoarder. Not one of those scarey people you see on TV, with 47 cats and an astonishing, yet disgusting collection of every sanitary towel they’ve ever used – I’m not like that. But my family and I are still busting out of our abode. And I know I have to take a lot of the responsibility for that. I’ve always been an untidy fucker and it sucks. Even when I was a back packer, traversing the world, with what was supposed to be a mere bag on my back, I still ended up with more baggage than an airport carousel. I wish I were more ruthless at letting go of objects. Possessions. Stuff. If I were, I reckon my little house in the mountains would seem positively palatial by comparison. Actually my next Yifof venture is to purge 30 percent of the shit invading my house. It’s the Yifof challenge for March. Of course, I will also be carrying February’s challenge forward. Making sure I blog everyday. Well, I can’t let my readers down! The three people who read this blog faithfully, everyday, now can I? So in March, one way that I’ll be getting all zen with my objects, is by following this Auzzie blogger. She reckons one way to cleanse the clutter chaos is to give away one thing a day. You can find her blog here:     http://www.365lessthings.com/     I’ll keep you posted on what ‘gems’ I dish out. I promise I won’t just offload the crap I don’t want. I’ll also be spending 10 minutes each day chucking shit out. Even I can manage ten minutes. It’s baffling how my family and I have accumulated so much stuff. Especially considering that when I arrived in Canada 13 years ago, I really did have an empty back-pack; with about three t-shirts and a pair of jeans. But I know why it’s happened. I’m a sentimental, silly sod. I place far too much attachment to things. Things that remind me of a time and place that has long since passed. For instance, right now, I’m sitting at my kitchen table, typing away furiously on my lap-top. I kid myself that the view here is better than the view from my office. Although, to be fair it is. The mountains are absofuckinglutely stunning from this vantage point. While in my office, the only view is my neighbours house and her scarey bamboo tree, so wild and out of control, it looks like it might pull a “Day of the Triffids”. But even if I did have a million dollar view in my office, I wouldn’t be able to work there. For a kick off, my desk is piled high with all manner of writing projects. Half written articles. Snippets of stories. Comedy routines, some formed, some just nuggets of an idea, scribbled on scraps of whatever. There are also three pots. All overflowing with pens and pencils. Although ironically, when I need to write something important, none of the buggers seem to work. There’s a dancing flower that I bought for 15 quid ($25) when I was just fifteen years old, bought with hard earned money from my crappy Saturday job. Then there’s the stack of notes and letters from the three boisterous beings. Notes that say “I love you Mummy”. Notes with hearts with happy faces. Squiggly notes brimming with love. To a tidy person, my desk probably looks horrific. I know my Mum (tidy person extraordinaire) would take one look at my office and shut the door. If I had a door. Because my house is deliciously ‘open plan’. A great idea in theory, but the huge downside to this open concept malarkey (for us untidy fuckers), is that if you get unexpected visitors, your slovenly ways are left hanging out, for all the world to see…And step over. But I quite like my untidy desk. It tells a story. One of a creative mind at work. It holds the promise of stories to be written. That ideas are fermenting. And that surely can only be a good thing.

3 thoughts on “February Day 24

  1. Alison ogilvie

    I’m a huge hoarder – hard to get in the door of my house at times 😉 so let me know how the decluttering goes so I can take your advice 🙂

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