Day ? March 27… Announcing a new viral craze.




So March has been fucking busy.
I’ve written loads of half-blog posts and published none of them, which ain’t very good after such a wicked crack at writing something everyday in February.
But I haven’t been slacking behind the scenes. This blog and my personal mission to self-improve and use my time wisely is still very much ON and I’m very excited about two new YIFOF projects, one of which I will tell you about now.
Do you remember, my three dear readers, how a few weeks ago I posted about cool things that women have used Facebook for?
Do you remember reading about the nice young girl in Montreal, who fucked off a NEKnomination in favour of a RAKnomination? (In case you forgot RAK stands for Random Act of Kindness, and nominating someone else to do the same. Whilst NEK relates to chugging back a load of booze and passing that nomination on. Personally I think I would combine the two, but hey, that’s just me).
Anyway that nice young girl, Sarah, wrote a lovely email back, which said:

“I just want to let you know that you did an act of kindness just sharing my story. Because hopefully, more people will be encouraged to do RAKnominations as well. Take care, and keep spreading the love. Thank you for being you!”

Ain’t she a sweetheart?
Anyway, that email got me thinking.
Hmmm….what if the RAKnomination phenomenon diversified AGAIN?
What if it morphed into BRAKnomination – meaning BLOGGING RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS?
So here’s how it’s going to go down:
I am nominating three other bloggers to write a blog post. That blog post has to be about something kind that they think the world should hear about. When I say ‘kind’ that covers a wide spectrum. It can mean ‘kind’ in any sense of the word: funny, sweet, inspiring. It can be a news sensation, a global success, or a word-of-mouth story that sears your soul.
It’s up to each blogger to decide.
So my three nominees are (drum roll please):

1. Jenny Lawson
In case you don’t already know, she is the bloggess, and is also the author of the fucking hilarious memoir ‘Let’s Pretend this never happened”. In the blog world she is pretty big news. I hope she gets on board this BRAKnomination trip cos’ I’d love to see what she comes up with.

2. Tiger of My heart
This girl is as new to the blog world as me, but she has a cool pic, she writes well and she sounds fab. Plus she is about to pop out her first sprog, so she’s bound to be in a bubble of love and up for spreading a little joy through BRAKnomination.

3.Kayte Murphy
Have you heard of the blog
This blog is great. Thoughtful and wicked funny. I feel certain this gal can come up with something fantastical for her BRAKnomination blog post.

Once these ladies have written their blog posts, they have to nominate three bloggers themselves. Then those bloggers have to do the same, and so on.

What do you think….can we make this happen? I look forward to seeing where this journey goes…

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