April Fool…and a sign from the Juice Gods.


White rabbits. White rabbits. White rabbits.
A couple of days ago I told you about a new challenge, BRAKnomination. I nominated three people.

So far I haven’t heard a peep from the nominees. Meh. I’ll give it another week before I spread the BRAKnomination net further. I’m not prepared to quit on a good idea so early on in the game. I think spreading a bit of love and good news is always a good thing. So much of what we read and hear about is frankly, fucking depressing.
Stay tuned for future BRAKnomination updates.
Well, March is over. My challenge to be less of a hoarder and get organized went well.
Did I achieve everything I set out to do?
Fuck no.
But I did learn a lot. As well as taking a long hard look at why I hang on to some of the things that I do, I learnt that I need to be kinder on myself. I didn’t get everything done that I wanted to and that’s OK. I’m a work in progress. Besides, I don’t have to stop the purging just because March is over. Even though I donated five garbage bags of clothes, the bottom of my closet still looks like an explosion in a thrift shop.
As a family we need to stop stockpiling things too…Especially random shit. I mean do we really need SEVEN harmonicas?
I think not.
But now it’s April and time to set a fresh challenge for myself.
One of the challenges I set myself for April is really a two-parter and will follow through into May.
It’s a health challenge…
Don’t groan.
Ever since I arrived in Canada 14 years ago, I’ve had chronic urticaria. Basically that means huge fucking hives and welts appear all over my body.
Think Will Smith in the movie Hitch:


It’s painful and more than anything, it’s a fucking nuisance.
But the reality is it’s not good for my body and I would like it to bugger off.
I’ve done all sorts of things to try and shift the welts.
No joy.
However, two weeks ago, I saw the movie ‘Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead’. It’s about an Auzzie Entrepreneur called Joe Cross who had the same condition as me. He had enough and decided to take drastic action.
So he went on a juice fast for sixty days. After juicing, he went on to eat a plant-based diet. He calls this a ‘Reboot.’ After five months ALL his medical problems cleared up. This radical way to tackle health problems resonated with me. In fact, his documentary was a screaming pointer.
(A screaming pointer is when you scream and point at the TV because you are so excited. Usually reserved for grumpy octogenarians).
I was so inspired by Joe and his success that I decided to do a reboot myself.
I thought “Hmmm… I’ll contact the reboot team and see what they have to say. I’ll tell them about Yifof and how I’ll be following in the reboot footsteps.”
Of course being the Queen of Inertia, I deferred the email.
Then, last week I went to my local shopping mall. Outside the pharmacy was a huge cardboard cut-out of Joe Cross, with a sign saying he would be in the store the following day, to talk about juicing, etc.
I took that as a sign from the Juice and Welt Gods to get my arse there.


So I went along. I listened to what he had to say. I met Joe (nice geezer) and told him about this humble blog.
I got a copy of his book and I started my re-boot today.
That means I’ll only be eating raw fruits and vegetables for the next month. Then in May, I’ll just drink juice for 30 days.
So best steer clear of me for the next three days. The first three days of a cleanse are a bit of a fucker.
Grumpy. Headaches. Generally feeling shitty.
But if I get to ditch the Will Smith a la Hitch look, I’ll give anything a go.

4 thoughts on “April Fool…and a sign from the Juice Gods.

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