It’s hump day…so swing your pants and get your groove thang on like no ones watching


Today is hump day, which means it’s Wednesday, nothing to do with wild sex or feeling grumpy (as in “She’s got the right hump”…but you kinda have to be a Brit to get that reference).
But I digress. In honour of hump day I’ve decided to post a few links to some songs. I dare you to play them and dance around in your front room. Why? Because after you’ve done so, you feel fucking amazing. I know this to be true, as last night whilst watching the show ‘Happy Endings’ they played such an uplifting song, that it felt rude not to haul my exhausted carcass off the couch and get my groove on too. I swear my enthusiasm for the moment was NOT enhance by the Brazilian rum I was drinking as a nightcap. (Oh I know I’m not supposed to drink while cleansing, but since I just spoke to a good friend of mine who is about to undertake her first marathon on Sunday and she’s still knocking back the G&T’s, I feel no guilt).
Dancing is something I love to do. I used to live for Saturday night, where I could race to a club and dance the night away.
As the years have slowly slipped away, my dance hours have dwindled. Sure I still cut a rug to all the kids songs, but it just ain’t the same. But dancing like no one’s watching, whilst shaking your groove thing in the comfort of your living room was a blast. I shall be doing it again. But for now, here are three gems. Go on dance. I dare you.

1. Prince 1999

I love this man. He knows 27 instruments. Self fucking taught. Plus as Kylie Minogue pointed out once, he’s like sex on a stick. A small stick, granted. Enjoy.

2. Eminem – Without Me

This reminds me of my book club ladies, where when we are supposed to be out, all highbrow chatting about books, we end up in the local pub, getting jiggy on the dancing floor and goofing off. A cheesy fun classic.

3. Penny and her Mom from ‘Happy Endings’

So ‘Happy Endings’ is a modern day Friends rip-off. But this song is so cheesy that it’s funny. What’s not to fucking love. Go on. Press play, step away from the computer and shake that arse.

Happy Hump Day y’all!!!

One thought on “It’s hump day…so swing your pants and get your groove thang on like no ones watching

  1. Wouldn’t it be interesting to pinpoint where it is we lose this? I can remember dancing around the front room with a baby in my arms, so I’m not thinking it’s childbirth that does it…..but dancing isn’t in the repertoire any longer…..when did that happen? Interesting…..

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