DP Challenge…A little Monday poetry for you


So every week on WordPress they have this writing challenge.

Last week it was a 50 word story. This week it’s all about poetry, baby.

Which for me is exciting, cos’ I love writing poetry. Granted I’m no Wordsworth and I don’t write anything flowery or fabulous, but poems are often great to give as a gift to a friend to wish them a happy birthday, to wish them luck or to say thank you for something.
They are also really good at detoxing yourself. You know, those times when people really fuck you off, but you aren’t at liberty to say so. (This is becoming a recurring theme to this blog. I clearly have waaaay to many “speak-the-fuck-up” issues).
Anyway, the poem that I am going to share is an old one. I wrote it about 14 years ago when I worked in a bar in London.
A lot of the clientele were snobby, brash and downright fucking rude. But as a lowly barmaid, you had to suck up their sneers with a smile.
After one particularly bad shift I came home, exhausted and pent-up with anger and vitriol.
Instead of going to bed seething, I wrote the following poem about a couple of particularly nasty women.
Instantly it took away my venom and how they had made me feel.
So my advice to you this Monday: if some fuck-wit is getting all up in your bizness, go write a poem about how ridick they are. Trust me, it’s creativity therapy at it’s finest. You’re welcome.
Let me know what cha’ think of the poem.


With eyes open wide
I watch how you slide
The facade now lifted
Your mind gently drifted
How many shorts?
For those crude retorts
How many lines?
To make you feel so fine
I wonder, are you wan
Beneath that sun-bed tan?
I wonder, why so weak?
What makes you dress so cheap?
You bustle and you preen
It matters only to be seen
But that’s all that matters
Is that you don’t get any fatter
That’s all that counts
Is wealth in large amounts
Wearing the latest clothes
Leeches flock in droves
You cackle and you giggle
All push-up bra and buttock wiggle
You clink your glass in time
It makes you feel so fine
Make-up troweled so high
Foundation to reach the sky
Do you ever take a break?
From your alter ego?
This fake?
Do you ever wish for peace
From the glamour queen you lease?
Can you remember a time
When sweet innocence was fine?
Now you care only for the pert
With rich villains
You dine and flirt
For no matter how they bore
You forget your roots of poor
You nestle in their arms
Content with avaricious charms
Poverty banished from your mind
As he pats your ‘Prada’ behind
From childhood poverty are you far
As you glide out of the bar

Phew. I know. After reading that, you feel well fucking cheery. Sorry about that. I’ll have another go later this week. With less whinging and more giggles. Happy Monday!

3 thoughts on “DP Challenge…A little Monday poetry for you

  1. Hristina

    The ryme is great! You kept the rythmic from the beginning till the end. It is very well done. The short sentances make it sound like marsh which helps the meaning of the words. It I strong critics and looks like you cought all the aspects of the subject. I like it! I want to see more of your poems! Thanks for shearing!

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