Hump Day – Frankie Knuckles Tribute


So today was hump day.
And what a hump day it was.
Dreary. Grey skies. Pissing down with rain.
But I like the idea of posting a few choons to celebrate the middle of the week.
Even better, I like the idea of stepping away from the computer, cranking up the volume and truly dancing as though no one’s watching.
Sadly two weeks ago, a house music legend died.
Frankie Knuckles, a.k.a. the ‘Godfather of House Music’ died, due to complications from type two diabetes.
No words. Just a damn fucking shame. All over the music industry, tributes have poured in for a man that many viewed as a pioneer in the house music scene.
As someone who spent the best part of her twenties in sweaty clubs, arms in the air and getting her groove thing on, I feel it’s only right that this week’s hump day celebrates Frankie’s legacy.
Thank you Mr. Knuckles.
For all those nights. For all the times my crew and I would squeal, in unison “TUNE!” before shaking our groove thang until a new day dawned.
Music is the best remedy to make any dreary day cheery. It gives it sparkle. It makes it glow.
So with many glorious memories in my mind, here are three classic Frankie records for your enjoyment.
And my advice to you: Press play. Step away from the damn computer and raise those hands in the air.

1. Frankie Knuckles – You Make me feel (mighty real)

2. The Night Writers Frankie Knuckles – Let the music use you

3.Frankie Knuckles – Get over you

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