Alas poor Yorick, it’s hump day!


To be or not to be, that is the hump day question.
I hope you don’t think that just because I’ve got a horrendous potty mouth and a predilection for the ‘f’ word, that I don’t do culture.
Fuck off! I’ll have you know, I know some shit! For instance, did you know that today would be the 450th birthday of Shakespeare? It’s also the anniversary of his death too.
So in honour of the geezer who had fancy quill work, here are three songs to shimmy your ruff to. I said ruff. Not muff. Get your mind out of the gutter and listen to these three eclectic numbers. If you don’t know what a ruff is, google it. It’s nowt to do with dogs. Many and hearty thankings to you!

1. Ophelia by the Band

This poor cow is one of Shakespeare’s most tragic heroines. That’s why I love this song from The Band. Finally, the poor girl gets a bit of cheer.


2. You’re History by Shakespeare’s Sister

I dunno if Shakespeare had a sister (I know he was married and like to chuff on a pipe and write stories) but this song is so fabooshisly ’80s I had to list it. Na na na na na na!


3.Young Hearts (run free) by Kym Mazelle
What hump day would be complete without a rip-roaring cheese fest like this one? Plus it’s one of many kick-arse tunes from the Baz Luhrmann film, Romeo and Juliet.

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