Hump Day – Love your Mama


Hey Folks.

So in honour of Mother’s Day this Sunday, I have no choice but to serenade you with three songs that celebrate that special woman in our lives.
It’s a tricky one though, cos’ a lot of the Mama songs are sappy shite, and if you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you know that ain’t how the Yifof rolls.
So instead of force-feeding you Taylor Swift (The Best Day), the Spice Girls (Mama), or even the legendary Mr T’s unforgettable ‘Treat your Momma right’, I’ve gone with the three gems below.

Enjoy. Get your groove on. Then go call your Mum. She’ll be reet chuffed.

1. The Belle Stars – The Clapping Song

This song is everything that was RIGHT about the ’80s. Frivolous, cheesy and fucking fun.
This song is so full of the ‘whoopee’ factor, that even after 32 years it still makes me want to leap out of my chair and bust a ska move.


2. Van Morrison – Days like this

So this song mention Mums. And my Mum introduced me to Van Morrison. Plus he has a cracking voice. What’s not to like?


3. LL Cool J – Mama said Knock you Out

I told you I was gonna forfeit the schmaltz in favour or fun. What’s better that LL Cool J singing a comeback, pretending he ain’t and then threatening to get his Mama if you tease him?

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