Mum, Mom, Mamma…No matter how you say it, it’s all just shorthand for unconditional love.


Happy mother’s Day Y’all.
I love Mother’s Day.
Especially now.
Now that I’m a mother myself to the three boisterous beings, I truly appreciate what it means to be a Mum.
Motherhood is the best – and hardest journey you’ll ever get to experience.
From the moment you know that you’re having a baby, it’s like the axis of the world shifts slightly.
From then on, every decision, you make with your child(ren) in mind.
You second guess every. little. thing.
You try to be your best self, because there are people depending on you.
Being accountable every minute of the day ‘ain’t easy.
Not every woman who gives birth knows what it is to be a mother. Not every woman puts her kids first.
Not all mothers sacrifices their wants, in favour of their kids needs.
But I’m not here to preach, or judge on the women who just don’t get it. Not stepping up to the mother plate is their loss.
I can’t identify with their journey, because in the Mum department, I struck gold.
Fuck, who am I kidding…I am infinitely-beyond-words-lucky.
Because fate dealt me a Mum who is there for me. She always has been.
Someone who I can count on, no matter what I get right, what I do wrong.
A woman who taught me to go out and seize life.
To chase my dreams and stick two fingers up to all the negative nelly’s.
She knows just what words to say to cheer me up.
She knows damn right that the best solution to life’s ridiculous bits is to giggle like a hyena at the sheer absurdity of it all.
Having a mother that cares, someone who’s ‘got your back’ – is priceless.
It’s worth more than anything in this material world.
If you’re fortunate enough to have a mum who is all of that to you, too, then I’d say you’re damn lucky.
Often, in this crazy mixed up world, we don’t take the time out of our day to tell the people who really love us just how much we care.
So today, I’m bellowing it loud and proud.
Thanks Mum.
Thanks for being there from the start. Heck, thanks for always being there. For being my cheerleader. For guiding me. For having my best interests at heart.
Thanks for showing me that a strong woman is allowed to cry. Thanks for showing me that sometimes, when life gives you lemons, say “fuck ’em all” and laugh instead. Thanks for staying up, all those sleepless nights, from babyville, to me coming-home-at-the-crack-of-dawn in my twenties. Thanks for cuddling me when I was sick. For lifting me back up to the light when I had a broken heart. Most of all, thanks for showing me that unconditional love is the most precious thing we can ever feel.
I love you Mum…You’re the best.
So with that sentiment in mind, check out this little Mums-are-awesome message below. Get yer hanky.

6 thoughts on “Mum, Mom, Mamma…No matter how you say it, it’s all just shorthand for unconditional love.

  1. brandee

    beautiful nic, just beautiful! you are very lucky to have a wonderful mum! she is pretty awesome…and because she is…so are you! you are such an amazing mum to your three beautiful children, and anyone who has seen you with them for just a moment can see it too! i’m sure your mum is beyond proud of her girl! xoxo

  2. alison ogilvie

    Awww i love the love in this ❤ having a fantastic mentor in your own Mum has made you follow in her footsteps xx

    • Thanks so much for your love too! And you’re right, my Mum is a fabulous mentor and she has set the bar sky high! Thanks for dropping by x

  3. 'Berta'

    Oh Nic, you’re f**cking fabulous. This is just great! Believe me, you don’t wanna see the state of my hanky after that little chestnut! Keep it coming. KEEP IT COMING! This is life blood and breath itself to those of us with only memories to draw upon. Thank you.

    • Thanks for your words darling and I thanks you for taking the time to comment, for I know just how special your Mum was. I know what a strong role model she was and how she helped make you the magnificent woman you are today. Keep drawing on those beautiful memories Berta, keep on remembering ALL the wisdom and love your Mum passed on to you. It ain’t no substitute for having her here, but your Mum loved you so much, and a love like that stays forever xx

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