Alright me ol’ china…It’s the hump day DP Challenge


Alright geezers and birds,
What’s ‘appening?
This week’s challenge is to write in yer native tongue and the dialect of yer roots.
So as a gel born ‘n’ bred in London, I ain’t got no choice but to big up the cockney patter.
And since yesterdee was hump day and I missed owt on posting me usual songs (cos’ me nippers were orf school due to the teachers strike) ‘ere’s a few songs that draw on London fer their inspiration. Innit though.

1. Itchychoo Park – By the Small Faces
This song from the ’60s is a little facking cracker. Plus the geezers look well sharp in their whistles.


2. Hometown Glory – By Adele
Adele is a proper London gel. You’ve only gotta ‘ear ‘er open ‘er norf and sarf (mouth) to clock it.
This song is another beauty.


3. Born Slippy – By Underworld
This ‘ouse musik track from back in the ’90s well reminds me of my hometown. Nights owt clubbing wiv me mates.’Aving it large. Cos if you didn’t know, London iz one of them cities that nevah sleeps. It’s got a mighty pulse. Just like this facking choon.
Enjoy the songs, won’t cha? Tat-ar.

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