I fell off the Facebook wagon


Fuck sakes World! I slipped down the social media worm-hole again. A minute ago it was mid-June: I was minding my own business, happily swearing and beautifully smug in my little “I don’t need Social media” bubble and then BOOM!
Cue the clatter of wagon wheels and me falling off.
Now it’s almost October and Yifof is something I’ve ignored for over three months.
And yes, in that time I’ve been a FB whore. It started off innocently enough, logging back in cos’ I was entering a comedy competition and needed FB for notifications.
Before I knew it, I was back to sneaking the odd look at my newsfeed, which rapidly turned into watching videos of talking cats and creeping through Facebook pages of friends of friends of friends mother-in-laws.
I couldn’t feel worse if I were spooning Nutella straight from the jar (my other guilty pleasure).
But all is not lost.
For one, the three of you readers still keep coming back. Thank you.
I promise to post more content in the future. With liberal use of the word fuck…cos as you know, it’s my favourite.
I gotta say it feels good to be back…I’ll alert you to all my misadventures in the coming days. Even though I fell off the wagon, I’ve still been up to some cool arse shite.

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