Handling rejection: Like. A. Boss…Springsteen that is.


One of the few things in life that we all agree on is rejection: whether it’s the sinking sensation of being the last kid chosen in sports, being spurned in love, or snubbed for that  promotion, we all know that shitty feeling of not being good enough. But the truth of the matter is; into every life, a little ‘fuck you’ must fall. When it does, it’s how we rise to the occasion that really matters. I’ve had my fair share of knock backs. As a writer, I know only too well what getting turned down feels like. Manuscripts returned, kick-arse ideas no thanked, story pitches stomped on.   When I’m performing stand-up there’s no burn greater than an audience staring blankly, silently, wondering what the fuck I’m going on about.  Most of the time I can handle the word no. It can hit me right between the eyes and I bounce back like a cartoon character, mullered in one scene, perfectly fine by the next.

But every now and then, it ain’t so easy to take life in your stride. When that happens you need to find a coping mechanism, one that works for you.

Everyone has their own way of dealing with a nasty bout of the “fuck yous”:

Some chose to ignore it, happy ostriches. Some stare it straight in the eye and rattle off inspirational quotes, like an incantation, to ward off the ‘fuck you’ demons. Others crawl into the fetal position and wait for the storm to pass.

Truth be told, when I get slapped with the wet fish of rejection, I don’t want quotes. I don’t want to be told it wilI all be ok. Me?  I want to dance.


So last week, after a particularly gruelling day, where the entire fuck you family decided to pay a ill-timed visit, I  knew there was only one remedy. Dance and don’t give a shit who’s watching.


Dropping out, tuning in and busting a move is something we should all do more often. There are scores of studies to show  that dancing is the perfect antidote to stress.  So here’s my advice to you: when life hits the shits, if all else fails, dance around your kitchen. Crank up  “I feel good” by James Brown. I’m pretty sure, no matter how ridick you look, busting a move to that little zinger will pretty much put a dent in anything.  I was inspired to shuffle to the God father of soul, when I  listened to the UN’s list of happiest songs. Here’s a link to the playlist, if you’re interested. Keep it in mind for when the fuck yous come to visit. It will get rid of them in no time. Be sure to let me know whatcha think.


2 thoughts on “Handling rejection: Like. A. Boss…Springsteen that is.

  1. Hilarious…love how you personified the family of fuck yous. Now that’s a view I never took before. Will keep the dancing in mind…..won’t be long before it’s needed I’m sure.

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